Wedding DJs 

The evening entertainment is the final part of your special day, meaning it is essential to celebrate it in style. Our collective of wedding DJs are experts in playing the perfect music to suit the mood and energy of your party. Carefully selected based on their rich musical heritage, our wedding DJs come from a background of playing in the world’s finest clubs, bars and venues.


Our DJs will liaise with you before your special day to ensure that the perfect playlist is curated. From the initial consultation to the evening of the party, we will provide you with a unique experience which is moulded to your exact needs. The DJs will read your music requests and plan ahead the perfect night, from contemporary sounds to classic floor fillers.


The Wedding DJ Company carefully selects and appoints its DJs based on recommendation only, to ensure that we only have the finest and most experienced musicians on our roster. With such a variety of backgrounds and personalities, we can ensure that you find the perfect DJ for your wedding. Simply send us your request list and we will find the best match, whether your taste be rock, house or pop music.